At Jordan Property Group we pride ourselves not only on the care we give to our guests, we pride ourselves on our care for the properties we own, lease or Co-Host. We also love to train owners to run their own successful Short Term Rentals.

Below are a combination of Testimonials from people we have hosted for and those we have help set up and train, as well as neighbours.

  We always keeping our neighbours at the forefront of our minds and the communities our properties are located.

Without well cared for properties, we would not be able to offer the first class treatment to our guest

"Sue Jordan is quite simply, one of the world's leading home sharing experts. Not only has she taught countless people how to profit in the sharing economy, she's even taught me how to improve my own short term rental business! If you want the straight scoop from someone who knows what she's talking about, this book is a must read." 
- Brian Page  
Creator and Founder of The BNB Formula

Sue sets the standard in hosting.  It comes from her deep passion and commitment to providing a phenomenal experience for each of her guests while keeping a close eye on the financial impact.   It's a privilege, as reader to be privy to her seemingly simple hacks, tales of joys and challenges, which will shave months and years off your own hosting journey.
Kathryn Sutton - Thrive Living

I enlisted Sue’s help to navigate me through the launch and initial months of hosting my latest STR property. Although I had previously been down the STR path with a couple of my other properties, my latest property is boutique and unique in the market and I wanted to ensure I was operating at the highest professional level. In anything you do in life you have a choice to learn from trial and error, or surround yourself with the best of the best in that field. This is exactly the reason I bought Sue into my team. She is a leader in this field, her passion is infectious, and her experience, knowledge and wisdom is invaluable. I was delighted when she agreed to work with me and I am hugely grateful for the hundreds of hours of wasted time, effort and frustration that she has saved me already. Just to know that Sue is in the wings ready to answer any of my questions (of which there are many) is huge. Yes I had read and dissected her book ……… and loved it, but her Co-hosting service takes it to a whole new level, delivering advice tailored specifically to me and my property. Finally, and the most unexpected gift from partnering with Sue has been how much more fun this journey has been with her by my side, and for that I am hugely grateful. If you want 5 star service and results, look no further, you have found what you are looking for in Sue!

 Dr Tamara Read

Sue Jordan is your Go-To-Guru when it comes to Short Term Rental (STR)! When I met Sue,
 I had a very negatively geared property that I could no longer afford to keep. 
With Sue's help and expert knowledge, plus all her amazing tips and advice from set up to ongoing maintenance, I am grateful to say, my property is now amazingly, positive cashflow! In fact,
 I was Superhost within the first 3 months, earned the equivalent of a year's long term rent in just 5 months, paid for all my STR costs within 8 months, and the remaining 4 months was all profit! I found Gold!!
Her name is Sue Jordan, and she really is an incredible STR expert, with an enormous heart that genuinely wants to help others succeed to the level she has. 
Kimberly Sue

"Sue is simply the best. Her guidance equipped me with the skills to ramp up my properties occupancy and income.

She could not have been more helpful or knowledgeable"

Man Sidhu

 Happy Owners of properties we have Co hosted 

This lady is so sweet, I both consulted and helped run her Airbnb for her for a few months so she could not work out exactly how to word her testimonial, so she did two. So lovely so I have included both. 

Michelle is only one of many hosts I helped get to Superhost. I do have permission from her to include her last name however as this is her FB profile I choose not to include it for security reasons. 

I have trained and Co Hosted many Superhosts as it is all about the "Little Things" sometimes 
I am happy to assess your listing and help you get this status 
Happy Hosting all