Mortgage Free Living 

Have your ever dreamed of living Mortgage free?

It is actually possible to live in a property that earns enough income to pay the mortgage. 
This will not happen in all duel living or auxiliary dwelling (Granny flat) houses, however it is possible to have a large chunk removed from your monthly mortgage and have either Short Term Rental Guests or Full Time Tenants pay you and this can contribute towards your mortgage.

Young families wishing to have one parent at home careing for and raising children, not wanting to go back to work can often gravitate towards this strategy.

It's not for everyone and is something that can take very careful consideration however we are happy to consult to you should you want to look at what is possible.
Working with Sue's husband Mark as a licensed builder we are able  to bring to the market purpose built/renovated properties that have duel incomes.

These income producing properties will be purchased and negotiated with our clients to have an uplift in equity after renovation and to also have two incomes available or the potion to live in one section and rent the other to help with mortgage payments. Often then properties can produce enough income to cover mortgages. Sue can help you with training and set up of your income producing property.
If you have a property already we can consult and offer ideas and incites to possible renovations and income potential

Contact us and lets help you live Mortgage Free.

This little flat below earns enough income on the Sunshine Coast on the Short Term Market to cover the entire mortgage for the house it is part of.

Jordan Property Group will work with you in this area and what you require