Insurance is a very important part of our business, we ensure we have all appropriate  insurance in place for all properties we lease and personal indemnity and public liability for leased properties. 

 We will work with you as a property owner to ensure your property has the best possible cover with a broker that works with us.

We work with a very experienced insurance broker that deals a lot with short term holiday letting. We insure each property on a case by case basis as all properties have individual needs and we will send a copy of each insurance policy and what it covers to each home owner we lease from.
A brief outline from our broker is below from an email sent to us for this site.
Short term accommodation needs specialised insurance to protect against
a range of risks not usually covered by residential or landlords insurance.
 We ensure that we take out additional insurance on your property for damage caused
by our tenants or their guests whether that damage is accidental or malicious, specifically noting
that the property is used as a short term holiday accommodation.
 This provides cover for us as your tenant and also ourselves as landlords.
 In addition to this we can also provide you with contacts who can assist in advising
if you have adequate insurance for your exposures as the property owner.